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The Purpose Which Drives Adult Education 
ABOVE THE NOTCH COMMUNITY SCHOOL Adult Education recognizes that a typical school day is not exclusively the way to meet the educational needs of all students. The ABOVE THE NOTCH COMMUNITY SCHOOL Adult Education Program provides an alternative path toward a high school diploma. This program employs various teaching methods to reach all learning styles in order to equip students with the tools necessary to achieve success.  ABOVE THE NOTCH COMMUNITY SCHOOL holds to the fundamental truth that all children are capable of achievement. 
We are an official HiSET testing center. If you need to schedule an exam please email Dr. Suzanne Moberly at [email protected]
Above the Notch please register at (atn.sau84.org)
--Independent Study Project - online
--Summer ESL Classes begin July 10th 5-7 pm
--Summer support HiSET - online
Fall Semester Classes will Begin on Monday, September 11, 2023
Monday English 3-5:30 pm
Tuesday - Ceremics - 3-5:30 pm
Wednesday - Aviation & Aerospace (Drones) 4-6:30 pm
Thursday - Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Course 3-5:30 pm
We will also be offering the following
HiSET Prep courses 
Distance Learning courses
Career Development Services
Distance Learning utilizing the online Platform Edmentum is a year around if you are interested please reach out to us at atn.sau84.org

News & Announcements

ATN ESOL Classes are currently running Next Course Begins in November 2023

Beginner classes are designed for students with little to no knowledge of English usage and structure. This class begins with basic pronunciation and sentence structure and culminates with beginner conversational abilities.
Intermediate classes are designed for students with a working knowledge of English who wish to increase their conversational fluency. These classes assume a basic level of English and are unsuited for beginners as there will be a focus on usage. Classes begin with simple present tense and culminate with being able to use some/any, reflexive pronouns and two-clause sentences.

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HiSET Prep

Time: 4 PM – 6 PM
Location: Hugh J Gallen