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Above the Notch Community School is a School that focuses on Personalized Learning! A school that is about YOU! Learning Your Way, a progressive High School Diploma Program. Above the Notch Community School meets the State of New Hampshire Adult Diploma requirements. NH Course requirements are as follows: English (4), Science (2) Biology required. Social Studies (3( US History, Economics, and Civics required. Health (.5), and General Academic Electives (7). Two of the seven elective credits may be earned through your work or apprenticeship experience, vocational instruction, or approved internships and correspondence courses. Students must successfully complete a technology competency. 
  • The mission of Above the Notch Community School is to provide a competency-based system focused on personalized learning through project-based learning and a culture of thinking, strong teacher-student relationships, flexible support, and the development of 21st-century skills that will enhance academic growth and establish a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • LHS student credit recovery option $125.00/course
  • FEE WAIVED for current or former LHS students under the age of 21 years who enroll as full-time students.
  • All students over the age of 21 years $125.00/course
  • Non- Littleton resident high school student referrals are accepted from area schools. Contact us for rates.
  • Additional fees may be assigned for lab-based courses. All fees are non-refundable.
  • Be Present; Be Prompt; Be Prepared; Be Productive and Be Polite.
  • Students at Above the Notch are considered responsible adults and are required to attend all class sessions, complete all assigned work, and participate in the course activities.
  • Students who are absent more than two class meetings per semester course are subject to being withdrawn from the course and receiving a failing grade. No Refund.
  • Students who become disruptive to the educational process or violate any State of New Hampshire laws while on campus will be withdrawn from the course, and receive a failing administrative grade. No Refund.
Students should schedule an appointment with the Above the Notch Community School Director Rachelle S. Cox, for a transcript evaluation or receive more information about this progressive school. [email protected]
  • Above the Notch Community School, acceptance will be determined after an intake meeting with the Director and a review of all transcript information. 
  • Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian at the intake meeting and have parental approval to attend the school.
  • Credits may be transferred from any certified high school program into Above the Notch Community School.
  • Students in the LHS day school may take individual courses at Above the Notch Community School for a fee of $125 per course. Grade and credits earned at Above the Notch may be transferred back to the sending school.
Classes are held at
Hugh J. Gallen, CTE
140 High Street
Littleton, NH 03561
Rachelle S. Cox, Director
603-444-5186 ext 2208
Like stones in the sand, every student learns differently. Why not try a school where you can learn your way?