Registration is NOW open for FALL 2023 starting September 11 2023

Above the Notch Community School is excited to offer the following classes for the SUMMER session


Our Adult Diploma Program will have the following courses available for credit.

Online Classes are available year around  

If you are interested, please register with our online application. Select schools and select Above the Notch Community School, select students, and when you click on it you should see the Registration form. or email Rachelle Cox (Director)

[email protected]

Our Adult Education Literacy Services will offer the following:

You must use the Hugh J. Gallen Career Center parking lot and entrance.

Ø  Attendance policy: Students are allowed to miss 1 class for each class they are scheduled in.

Ø  Class hours: Every student must be in attendance for the entire class unless excused by the teacher. Students who leave without permission before class is dismissed will receive a zero for the session.

Ø  Class work policy: Work assigned is to be done during your session. 


These procedures are to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn and work in an environment of mutual respect for and consideration of everyone’s desire to be successful in this school. 

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office at 603-444-5186, ext. 2208.



Rachelle S. Cox, M.Ed